Frequently Asked Questions

01/ General

I currently use Vodafone (O2/EE), will the Claria phone work with my current contract?

Yes. Claria phones are compatible with any mobile network. Phones purchased from us are not Sim-locked.

Do I have to get a mobile internet contract to use Claria phones ?

No, it is not absolutely essential as you can connect to the internet via WiFi at home for instance.
However, it is still advised to do so as it will enable you to use many functionalities on the go, like dictating SMS or emails through voice recognition, using the radios, the GPS or read the newspapers.

How long does the battery last?

Claria Vox and Zoom smartphones have an autonomy comparable to other smartphones on the market. The battery life depends on your usage.
Using the phone intensively (GPS, internet (3G/Wifi), camera), you would need to take the habit of charging it every night.
If you are mostly using the phone/SMS functions, you can charge it once every two days.

Is the keypad overlay removable or fixed to the phone?

The Claria Vox keypad overlay is removable. It can be installed or removed very easily thanks to its elastic material.

Do I need to remove the keypad overlay to navigate within the standard Android interface?

Yes, it is advised to remove the elastomer keypad overlay to navigate within Android, and to explore the screen with your fingers.
Beware: Outside of Claria, you will need to know specific gestures to use Android with the touch screen and the Talkback screen reader.
Please note that we do not provide technical support on that interface.
To come back to the Claria interface at any time, just double click on the Home button.

Can I change the text-to-speech voice if I do not like it?

Yes. Thanks to its integration within Android, Claria enables you to install your favourite voice. To do so, you will need to download an application from the Google Play Store (Acapela, SVOX or Ivona for instance), then buy your preferred voice (usually for 3 to 5 GBP). Sighted assistance may be required.

Can I change the speech rate?

Yes. You have two ways to do so:
1° From the Home screen, select 9- Settings, 3-Languages and Vocalization and then 5- Speech rate. After making your choice, use the arrows to control the level, then validate with the OK key.
2° The speech rate can also be controlled by the 3-finger gesture described in the user guide or by simultaneously pressing a finger on the screen and key number 5 to slow down or 6 to go faster.

Is it easy to transfer files (music, text…) between my computer and Claria?

Yes, it is very easy to transfer files as the phone is identified as a USB key and you just have to copy-paste files from one to the other. You have no need to go through a software like iTunes.

Is it possible to add a memory card in the phone?

Yes, you can extend your Claria's memory by inserting a Micro SD card.

My phone goes into Sleep mode too often, can I change the delay ?

Yes. From the Home screen, select 9-Settings, 5-Screen and Security and 2-Sleep mode. Then using the arrow, select a time between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. Press OK to confirm your choice.

Can I exit the Sleep-Wake mode without having to do the sliding movement on the screen ?

Yes. From the Home screen, select 9-Settings then 5-Screen and Security and 3-Lock screen. In the Lock mode list, select 1-None. From now on, to exit the Sleep-Wake mode, you will just have to press briefly the Sleep-Wake button.

How can I get information such as battery level, Wifi network intensity, time and date, unread messages ?

From the Home screen, press the following keys:
Correction, to hear about Wifi network quality, battery level, GPS state (enabled or disabled) and the name of your mobile network;
Star key, to hear the time and date;
Hash key, to know whether you received new phone calls, messages or e-mails.

How can I know the IMEI number of my phone?

It is important to note the IMEI number of your phone, in particular to be able to give it to your mobile network provider in case your phone gets stolen or lost. To get it, select 9-Settings from the Home screen, then 8-About and 5-IMEI. To have it repeated number by number, put your thumb and index on the screen, keeping the fingers largely apart, then pinch them closer by sliding them on the screen, without leaving the touchscreen. You are now in “Word” mode. Repeat the same gesture to move to the “Character” mode, then use the Up and Down arrows to hear the numbers enunciated one by one.

Will the voice recognition work without internet connection ?

No. The voice recognition requires a wifi or 3G connection so that the words or sentences you dictate are treated by servers.
Please note that an Internet connection will also be necessary to use the following Claria applications: emails, GPS, news, web radios, web browser and updates.

In which applications can I use voice recognition ?

From the Home screen, press the Menu key and say « Call X » or « Text X » (X being a name within your contact list). It is also possible to dictate a phone number instead of a contact name.
In the Phone application, you can also dictate a phone number by pressing the Menu key. You can also enunciate “Call X” (X being a name within your contact list) by pressing the same key.
In the SMS application (2), by selecting 3-Vocal Input, you can dictate the name of a recipient within your contact list. You can then dictate the text of your message by pressing the Menu key.
In the Emails application (3), when creating a new message by validating 1-New email, you will be able to dictate the text after selecting the recipient.
In the GPS application (5-Utilities then 2-GPS) you can dictate the address in 1-Destination or 2-Start+Destination by pressing OK to validate the choice of voice recognition.
In the Web browser (6-Multimedia then 5-Web browser), in 1-Web search you can dictate one or several words to search in the Google web search engine after having pressed the Menu key.

I successively opened several applications. How do I close them?

If you open several applications, they will keep working in the background. It is therefore better to close them to save battery life. To do so:
Press the Sleep-Wake button for a few seconds;
In the list of recent applications that is now displayed, pick the one you wish to close and press the Correction key on the top right part of the keypad;
Press Correction as many times as necessary to close each of the applications in this list if you want to.

Can I connect a headset to my phone via Bluetooth?

Yes. You can connect a Bluetooth headset to Claria to make and receive phone calls. From the Home screen, select 9-Settings then 1-Connections and 2-Bluetooth. If you hear the message “Bluetooth is disabled”, press OK to enable it. Then press 2-Discover devices, making sure you have switched your headset on. Wait a few seconds until your headset reference is detected and announced.
For information, you can also link an external keyboard or a Braille display (compatible with Android) by following the above procedure.

02/ Applications, Phone and SMS

How do I create a new contact entry?

From the application 1-Phone select 2-Contacts, press the Menu key and then the OK key after the message “Create new contact”. Then select the fields to fill (First Name, Last Name, Number, Validate).

Can I add a field such as email or address to an existing contact ?

Yes. To do so:
In 1-Phone and 2-Contacts, select the contact to edit.
Press the menu key.
Choose 2-Edit contact.
In the Fields list now displayed, press the Menu key again.
A list of the new fields that can be added to the contact is now displayed. Using the Up and Down arrow keys, select the field you wish to add (number, email, address, birthdate, note, ringtone) and validate by pressing the OK key.
Then, do not forget to select the Submit button at the end of the fields list and to press OK to save the changes.

In what order are contacts sorted ?

Contacts are sorted alphabetically by first name by default. If you wish to change the order, go to 1-Phone, then 2-Contacts, and press the Menu key and select the option 9- Sort my contacts.

How can I activate the speaker while I am on the phone?

While on the phone, press OK to activate or deactivate the speakers.

The keys do not work when I call my voicemail. Why is that?

All smartphones integrate a proximity sensor. When you are in communication and holding your phone close to your ear, the screen will detect your ear and deactivate in order to avoid unwanted actions on the screen.
To reactivate the screen and keys, take the phone 3 to 5 cm away from your ear.

How do I know who is calling ?

To know the caller’s name, press the screen with one finger when your phone is ringing.

How do I delete a call from my call log ?

From the Home screen go to 1-Phone then 3-Call log. Select the call you wish to delete and press the Correction key at the top right corner of the keypad.

How do I select my default ringtone ?

From the Home screen, go to 9-Settings then 6-Sound and Volume and 5-Choose ringtone. Use the Up and Down arrows to pick your favourite ringtone, then press OK.

Can I associate a ringtone to one of my contacts ?

Yes. To do so, select the contact you wish to associate a ringtone to and press the Menu key. Select 2-Edit contact, then press the Menu key again. In the Contact options, select 6-Add ringtone and select your preferred ringtone.
Then, do not forget to select the Submit button at the end of the fields list and to press OK to save the changes.

How do I activate the vibration mode ?

Press the Sleep-Wake button for a few seconds. In the General options menu that you opened, select 3-Enable vibration.

How do I reactivate the ringtone?

Press the Sleep-Wake button for a few seconds. In the General options menu that you opened, select 3-Enable ringtone.

I cannot get any mobile network, is that normal?

No. Let’s try and find out what is wrong:
Did you insert your SIM card correctly on the back of the device, below the camera lens and in the right direction?
Did you check you were not in airplane mode? To do so, go to the Home screen and press the Correction key on the top right part of the keypad. To exit airplane mode, press the Sleep-Wake button for 2 seconds and select the element “Exit airplane mode”. Press OK.

Can I deactivate/reactivate the PIN code ?

Yes. To do so, select 9-Settings, 1-Connection, 4-Telephony, 4-Sim configuration. If your SIM card is locked, you will hear “Unlock SIM card”. If not, you will hear “Lock SIM card”. The following option in that menu enables you to change the PIN code.

03/ GPS Application

Can I use the GPS indoors ?

Yes, the GPS can localise you provided that your Wifi is activated to benefit from triangulation. However, it will not be able to guide you inside a building.
To get the GPS signal transmitted by satellites, you will need to be outdoors. Claria will then be able to guide you towards your destination as soon as your GPS location has been identified.

While on an itinerary, can I get information on the points of interest around me? (tube stations, banks, restaurants, etc.?

No, the current version of Claria GPS does not enable you to do so but this functionality might be part of a future update.

Am I able to use the GPS in car mode?

Yes, to do so go to the GPS Application, then select 6-Settings and 1-Travel mode, select 2 -Driving.

Being indoors, can I virtually follow an itinerary to prepare my journey and know which route I will follow once outside?

Yes. In the GPS application, select 2-start+destination. Claria will offer you to dictate vocally the start address, then the destination address. Once the itinerary is computed, use the arrows to browse through the route. The last instruction will specify on which side of the road your destination is located.

What are the maps data coverage?

Given that we are using Google Maps data, GPS maps from most countries in the world are available. You will need however to have an internet connexion as maps are not stored locally on the phone.

04/ MP3 Player

In the MP3 player, can I keep the latest playing position for the next session?

No. This functionality is mostly useful to read a book or a document. To do so, it is therefore better to open the Book Reader (6-Multimedia and 2-Book reader).

What happens if I receive a call while listening to a tune?

When someone calls you, the MP3 is paused while your phone rings as usual. Pick up the call by pressing OK. When you hang up by pressing the Back key, the communication is stopped and the tune resumes where it stopped.

Can I use other Claria applications while listening to music with the MP3 player?

Yes. To do so, you will need to activate the option “Sound out of player” (6-Multimedia, 1-MP3, 4-Sound outside player, then OK to activate the option). Follow the same process to deactivate this function.

05/ Book Reader

Which books and documents can I listen to with the book reader application?

Daisy and Epub books are compatible, as well as text files. They will need to be copied into the Claria Book folder to be readable in the Book Reader application.

06/ WebRadio Stations

Besides the radios stations available in the current list, is it possible to add other web radio stations ?

By default, hundreds of British radio stations are already configured and displayed when opening the application (from the Home screen, 6-Multimedia then 4-Radio). You can add web radio stations in the following ways:
From the list of UK radio stations, press the Menu key, then select 2-Folders; with the Up and Down arrows, select another folder (France for instance), and click OK. In the list of displayed radio stations, select one and press OK. By pressing the Menu key, you will then be able to add this radio station to your favourite radio stations folder. The next time you open the Radio applications, this radio station will automatically be selected.
From the list of radio stations, you can also press the Menu key and select 4-Add new web radio station. In the edit text field, input the URL of the desired web radio station (you will find it on the internet).