100% talking solutions with a keypad overlay for blind users

Claria Zoom

Solutions offering an unrivalled reading comfort for anyone with a visual impairment (DMLA, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa)

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Permanent closure of the Claria company

The company Claria definitively closed its doors at the end of 2016.

All phones equipped with Claria software remain operational, but there will be no more updates in the future.


Ten-minute demonstration - Claria Vox, talking smartphone with a keypad

Claria Zoom, our award-winning app for people with low vision


“I’m so happy with my Claria, it’s really opened up the digital world for me.”
“Your ingenious mobile deserves all the praise it is given and your customer service is outstanding.
I love the fact that you listen to customers thoughts and do all you can to help resolve any issues.”
“My Claria has proved to be a fantastic gadget and goes everywhere with me – couldn’t imagine life without it now.”

Andrew, blind user

"In short, I absolutely love it! I find texting, making calls, browsing and reading the newspapers or weather forecast a real treat.
It makes life so much easier for me to do things quickly without struggling on a touchscreen device."

Jackie, blind user

"So far, this phone has exceeded expectations. It is extremely easy to use and I would imagine that even non technical sighted people would appreciate the ease of use. It also looks good from a sighted perspective. Classy, even.
For anyone considering buying this phone, we would highly recommend it. In just a week it has made such a difference to someone who had all but given up on mobile phones."

Deddajay, wife of a blind user

"For years I have searched for a new phone, having found all touch screens inaccessible to me, but having discovered the Claria Vox, my search is at an end and I can now enjoy all the features of a smart phone.
The tactile overlay means the device is simple to navigate, and of special assistance is the scan and read facility, the walking GPS really is second to none. Also featured is the incredibly accurate voice recognition, making writing emails and text unbelievably simple.
The customer service from Claria could only be described as faultless; what a fantastic company.
I can’t say in just a few words, what a difference this phone has made to my life."

Pauline Rose, Shropshire Council

"This phone is brilliant.
It has greatly enhanced my business and social life.
I am more connected."

Robin, blind user

" I am a slow learner, especially in all things digital. I am now 71 years of age, registered blind with some very little sight in one eye.
The Claria adviser very kindly spent a lot of her time advising me on the functionality of vox as well as zoom.
I tried the vox, but due to my total inexperience could not really get anywhere with it.
The adviser then got me onto zoom, and - through my Guide experience - felt a lot more comfortable and able to get started on that.
The lady adviser of the London Office was forever open to my pleas for more explanation, and her almost angelic patience surely deserves an order of merit.
She sent me some more explanatory info sheets and individualised emails, explaining such complex issues as OCR and so on, and slowly I am now confident that I shall be able to even master that.
I must say from my experience, that the best product is only as good as such individual customer care is making it truly accessible."

Klaus, Zoom user